what we do...

We don't just make signs or print shirts.

We're a small business ourselves, and we're just as excited about your business as you are. What we do is to develop a strong business relationship by working closely with you and in turn, help you make your business a success.

By helping you, you're helping us so we can help others!


Make your window space and store front work for you with:

Cut Vinyl Decals

Backlit Illuminated Signs

Window Banners

Hanging Vinyl Banners

Hanging Wood Signs


We will be completing an long awaited in

Vehicle advertising is the biggest bang for your buck!


Custom cut and printed window and / or body decals will market your business 24/7 


There's no better way to advertise to your target market.

We can help with:

Vinyl Hanging Banners

Pop up Displays

Sandwich Boards

Pull up Vertical Banners

Temporary Wall Graphics

Ask us about our banners, sandwich board


  1. We can produce infinitely colored and highly detailed printed garments that screen printers can't produce.

  2. We can do it in a day or so. 

  3. We can print just one or a run.

  4. We are LOCAL!

  5. And no shipping costs in Sidney. 


If there's no "FOR SALE" sign on it, it's not going to get sold.

We produce real estate signage on a variety of substrates whether it's hung, mounted, or staked into the ground. And our turnaround times are quick.

Completed a large sign for a realtor wit

We love designing stuff!

We'll put our heart, soul and passion into your project whether it's as simple as type setting, a graphic layout or creating a logo from scratch.

It's fun, creative and we'll work closely with you to give you what you need.

Fun decal for the Peggy Sue crane for #m

Looking to name or rename your boat.

With a background well grounded in the marine industry, your pride and joy is in good hands.

We'll come down, measure and photograph your boat and show you what your new name would look like so you make an informed decision on font and colour.

The Roy Peever based out of Vancouver_(A

We can provide you with custom designed wood or plastic sandwich boards.

Our wood boards are built stronger than the competition and are longer lasting and our versatile  plastic boards have the ability to change the message when needed without having to buy a whole new board.

sandwich boards (2).jpg
A large 8'x8' sign for our friends Fish
Thank you _prlandscapes for your continu
We just completed another great apparel
We will be completing an long awaited in
Another awesome sign project for _hookde
 Seahawks grill #signs #seahawks #sidney
We're starting 2019 off with a gold foil
_ Come ABroad_ on this brand new Bavaria

who we are.....

Beautiful wooden sign for the #peninsula
Putting decals on a boat in the water is
The Roy Peever based out of Vancouver_(A
Getting stuck into t-shirt printing
black bag
Very cool brushed aluminium office signa

who we are.....

Beacon Sign and Apparel has been around since 1987 under the name "Itty Bitty Sign Shop". But we've sure grown up since then and we aint itty bitty no more! As of April 2020 we changed our name to reflect our move into the Sidney Industrial Park and the connection with our community.


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#18 2075 Henry Ave West, Sidney, BC, V8L1T2


what we have done...

After more than thirty years, you can imagine we've done a lot ! And we ain't slowin' down anytime soon.

Whether it's vehicle decals, wood signs, backlit signage, store front graphics, sandwich boards, real estate signs or more that you need, we'll do it and bend over backwards to keep you moving forward.  

how we go "green"

As we are all just guests on our itty bitty planet, maintaining a healthy environment means providing a safe home for generations to come. At Beacon Sign and Apparel we manage to recycle up to 75% of our materials by giving what we can't use to schools and hobbiests and recycling much of our waste. Reduce, reuse, recycle isn't just a cliche for us, it's our responsibility to our planet, our children, our future.

Thank you for your business!__#ittybitty
Fun decal for the Peggy Sue crane for #m
t-shirts-December 2018
yoga bags
We can even do backlight signage